IFMA LIC Webinar: "How Firms Are Successfully Implementing Hybrid: From Technology to Services"

Over the past two years, firms have been challenged by the question of hybrid operations and how to successfully entice attorneys back into the office. Success to many firms means increasing the in-office presence of attorneys in a consistent way that builds culture and increases productivity—but two years in, firms are realizing it takes more than bagels.

Chief Revenue Officer of Forrest Solutions, Anthony Davies, and Chief Executive Officer of Maptician, Alaa Pasha joined for a hands-on discussion regarding concrete strategies law firms have implemented that are delivering RTO success for their firms—and the data to support it. From technology that is helping firms to design and implement a culturally fit hybrid model, to hospitality-based programs that transform the office into an experience, Anthony and Alaa shared how leading firms have iterated their way to success and increased attorney presence.

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