Are You Ready for Hybrid?

Employees want to maintain flexibility they’ve come to enjoy and are implementing a hybrid work environment, with some days in-office, and some remote.

The past year has been interesting, to say the least. Offices closing, working from home - all with an uncertain end…but now that our world is opening again, it’s time to think about how we return to work. Companies understand employees want to maintain the flexibility they’ve come to enjoy, and many are implementing a hybrid work environment, with some days in the office, and some working remotely. The problem is managing everything.

I was talking last week with a VP of Human Resources at a small tech company, and he shared with me that they need a strategy for bringing employees back to the office but are unsure where to begin. It all just seems like a complex web of people, desks and schedules with no clear-cut way to manage or communicate where everyone should be and when. He noted that he’d like a platform where management can plan, while employees are able to make reservations and schedule team time in the office.

If you are the owner of a return-to-work strategy, it’s tough to know where to start, but here are few things to consider as you mount your back to work strategy.

  • Determine how you will manage reservations, supports flex shifts, open seating, and private seating options

  • Understand when employees are working in the office and when they are working from home

  • Confirm if you will use health and wellness prescreen surveys and social distancing rings

  • Incorporate a tool to map out floor plans including conference rooms, private offices, and general areas as well as specific seating locations

Don’t wait to finalize your back to the office plans. Be ready.

Technology like Maptician’s can help.

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