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Revised Capabilities 2.0-01

Return to Work

Maptician offers a growing set of tools that can help you get employees back in to the office safely, easily, and without expensive office reconfigurations.

Return to Work Strategies

Maptician's experts can help guide you through several return-to-work strategies that simplify bringing employees back to the workplace.

Return to Work Tools

Maptician offers an integrated and highly customizable symptom and risk factor survey tool, combined with the ability to establish employee-driven return methods that automatically enforce capacity limits, workstation restrictions, and social distancing.

Revised Capabilities 2.0-01
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Distancing & Space Planning

Quickly determine social distancing status, risks, and explore your space with responsive and wall-aware analysis tools. Turn maps into live response plans, with points of interest such as hand sanitizer and mask stations, along with traffic flow arrows and other helpful annotations.

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Contact Tracing

In the event of a positive COVID-19 case, Maptician is able to utilize workstation assignments, schedules, and reservation information in conjunction with its highly accurate smart map engine to determine likely potential contacts for that individual across a configurable look-back period.

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Scheduling & Reservations

Maptician includes both a robust seat scheduling system which allows employees to be brought back in staggered shifts and an employee self-service reservation system that allows them to reserve a workstation as needed (with configurable restrictions)

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Pre-Screen Health Surveys

Whenever someone is expected to or requests to go into the office an automated and fully configurable survey link is sent to their email and phones. This survey records their symptom and risk factor status and indicates whether they are permitted to use the office that day.

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