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Manage Your Office Space with Maptician

Maptician's Space Management capabilities are built around our proprietary office mapping engine. Within Maptician, you can create new floor plans and edit existing ones. It is easy for anyone to use, no prior drafting or modeling experience required. With practice, you can take full control of the visualization and planning process in your office. The drag-and-drop interface, customizable smart objects, and sandboxed scenarios will help you look at your office space in new ways and plan for the future.

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See our maps in action!

Floor Plan Building Blocks

All of our maps have layers, each with its own purpose and all working together to create the richly detailed user interface and summary information you see throughout the software. The maps can be broken down into 4 main parts.

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These are the bones of your space. All maps begin with architecture. With Map Editor, you can easily create:

  • Interior and Exterior Walls
  • Entrances
  • Glass/Windows
  • Fixed Features
  • Stairs/Elevators

Architecture Layer

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The personal touch on your plan that makes it look realistic and show the true representation of your space. All furniture objects are:

  • Drag and Drop
  • Customizable (Dimensions and Color)

Furniture Layer

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Areas help you categorize your space and visualize office flow. Areas fall under 2 umbrellas:

  • Zones - used to make departmental groupings, break up larger areas, denote open work spaces, etc.
  • Rooms - used for purposeful, enclosed spaces like Offices, Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Break Rooms, etc. 

Areas Layer

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A growing-list of smart, interactive objects that bring your floor plan to life. Data spans:

  • Seats - Assigned spaces for employees
  • Points of Interest - Location markers or information areas
  • Security - Denotes Security related objects located throughout a floorplan
  • Health and Safety - Information Markers providing information on health and safety resources or plans


Data Layer

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Explore the Possibilities with Scenarios

Maptician's Scenario Planner, paired with Map Editor and Assignments Manager, gives you the tools needed to explore options for the future. Easily try new seating assignments, furniture layouts, schedules, and more. 

You can use scenarios to create versions of your map suited for different goals. Create an "IT Support Scenario" and map all printers and access points or create a "Safety Support Scenario" and map out all sanitation areas, cleaning stations, masked required areas, and more.

Additional Capabilities

Location Information

Track all space information in one place. Upload photos of rooms and resources, allowing users to see spaces before reserving. Track and search by equipment, features, and accessibility considerations.

Occupant Directory

Find out when any occupant will be in the space, whether they have a permenant assignment, scheduled workspace, or a desk booked for the day.

Exporting and Printing

All maps can be exported and printed to a number of high-res file sizes. Whether you're in the Map Viewer or Map Editor, simply locate the "print" icon.

Map Management

Comprehensive list of available maps per account, their location, and lock status to prevent change overrides.

Places Directory

View a list of rooms, seats, and points of interest in your environment by type, location, and/or department.

Permissions, Encryption, & Customer Data Segregation

User permissions allow customers to properly segregate access to their data. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit using public key cryptography. We dedicate separate environments to house client data so that no external parties can read, write, or access your data.