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Your Path to a Hybrid Work Model

Return to the Office with Confidence by Mapping People in Places

Are you ready?

Let Maptician support your hybrid workplace. 

Maptician Enables the Future of Work

Maptician's technology platform includes:

  • Real-Time Employee Status
  • Historical Usage Reports
  • Integrated Support for Hybrid Work Models

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"Maptician helps you bring employees back to work while maintaining the flexibility they've come to value."

Maptician Advisor, Ronnie Cannon

Managing Director

Wm. Leonard & Co.

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Quickly uncover how Maptician's technology can help you: 

  • recognize cost-savings from efficient use of space

  • support employee flexibility

  • increase team collaboration

  • enhance company culture


Maptician Capabilities


Real-Time Employee Status

Historical Utilization Reports

Enhanced Reservations

Integrated Support for Hybrid Work Models

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Employee Focused

Features focused on the employee experience.

Hoteling and Enhanced Reservations

Employee Directory

Schedule Lookup

Mobile Access

Real-Time Employee Status

Office Planning

Features focused on space management and office use.

Editable Floor Plans

Scenario Comparisons

Multiple Seating Types

Flexible Scheduling

Advanced Hoteling

Support for Hybrid Work Models

Health & Safety

Features focused on the health and safety of your organization.

Social Distancing Rings

Automated Health Surveys

Integrated Contact Tracing


Features focused on giving you greater visibility and insight into your space usage.

Historical Usage Reports

Live Office Displays

Cost Analysis Views

Numerous Additional Reports and Analytics

What our customers are saying about Maptician...

VP of Human Resources

Lead Technology Officer

Chief Financial Officer

VP of Facilities & Operations

Director of General Services

"Post-pandemic, we plan on having our employees determine when they want to come into the office. Maptician’s hoteling features will help us make the switch to this new employee self-scheduling."
VP of Human Resources
300 employees
7 locations
Comprehensive Feature Set
"Our company selected Maptician because of its comprehensive feature set and the ability to have space planning and employee lists all in one place. "
Lead Technology Officer
1,000 employees
5 locations
Cost Savings
"Maptician has allowed us to completely repurpose our space. The hoteling and reservations capabilities have increased the number of employees we can support without adding desks. We've eliminated the need to increase office space, thus saving costs."
Chief Financial Officer
250 employees
3 locations
Effective Visualization
"We use Maptician to quickly edit variations of our floorplan. The ability to look at different scenarios has proven to be effective when visualizing more efficient office flow and seating strategies before committing to final, more permanent decisions."
VP of Facilities & Operations
6,000 employees
17 locations
Knowledgable Team
"We love working with Maptician. The team is personable, knowledgable, and the technology has helped us save costs while giving employees maximum flexibility."
Director of General Services
450 employees
4 locations
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