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Maptician empowers your professionals by creating a seamless and simple, world class hybrid office experience.

In a single touch, know where peers are working, reserve a desk next to a friend, book a conference room and route AV services or catering automatically, deliver tech-enabled visitor management, collect data that helps you make great decisions—and all the while build a hybrid workplace your people love.


That's why we're #1.

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Simple by design, but powerful enough to drive the most complex hybrid strategy of the global enterprise, Maptician’s secret is creating an experience your users will love – and actually use.

Know Where, When, and How work is done

  • Hybrid Workplace

  • Presence

  • Scenario Planning

  • Conference Room Management

  • Visitor Management

  • Workspace Analytics


Check - icon Maptician’s editable floor plan, presence module, and seat allocation functionality give managers the ability to design a space employees love while being able to quickly know who is in-office, remote, and on leave.

Create the perfect space with:
• Interactive floor plans
• Integrated desk hoteling
• Room booking
• Flexible open seating
• Employee scheduling


Check - icon Employee engagement 

An effective office encourages employees to collaborate, utilize its resources productively, and establish a positive company culture. Maptician's Employee Engagement tools facilitate these objectives to let you get the most out of your investment in office space.


Check - icon Office Hoteling & Space Booking

With Maptician, employees can quickly and easily reserve a desk or meeting room for their next visit to the office. Interactive maps of your office space show which desks and rooms are available for reservation on any given date and time.


Check - icon World Class Conference Room Management

Maptician Conference Room Management encompasses everything companies require to enable world class, end-to-end conference room management in one simple, cloud-based tool.


Check - icon Seamless and Sophisticated Tech-Enabled Visitor Management

With Maptician Visitor Management, visitors are greeted with an exceptional, technology-powered experience. Visitor Management also increases the efficiency of internal teams and colleagues while improving office operations' overall security and compliance.


Check - icon Workplace Analytics Software

Optimize your workforce as well as your physical office space with office utilization reporting, cost analysis data, and more. Maptician's Workplace Analytics tools make it easy!

Trusted by over 100,000 users daily

From boutiques to Fortune-ranked businesses, over 100,000 employees and managers trust Maptician to create a hybrid workplace they love.

Get up and running in as little as one day.

Maptician can get your hybrid workspace model up and running in as little as one day, depending on your office and employee count.

1. Floor Plan Creation 

Our team of architectural experts draw your floor plans and input them into our software within hours. Your floor plans become fully editable and dynamic, allowing for updates to be made in seconds.

2. Training

Maptician's Implementation Team is ready to train you, your end users, your trainers, or whomever in your organization. We ensure you know how everything works prior to launch.

3. Go Live


Our fast implementation timelines and processes ensure you are up and running in weeks, not months.

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