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Maptician uses a combination of our proprietary map engine, occupant usage data, and supplemental data sources (leases, departments, etc.) to provide exceptional insight and visibility into your space. From capacity trends to cost efficiency, Maptician has it covered.

See Your Office Differently

There are many options for visualizing and exploring your data in Maptician. As our name suggests, maps are always a good choice to understand how space is being used. Create dashboards for any purpose by choosing from our 20+ customizable dashboard widgets. Also available are dozens of pre-built reports and drill-down "Tableau-like" analytics views.

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Map Visualizations

Maptician's mapping engine allows our maps to serve as a visualization tool, and interface, and a data source at the same time. You can also change the map's time context to see changing schedules, assignments, and reservations in the past and future.

Items on the maps are also clickable to get additional information, contact details, possible actions, and a wide variety of other useful items for the selected person, place, or thing. Since maps are editable straight from the Maptician web application, it is incredibly easy to ensure that your map visualizations are current and contain rich details.

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Customizable Dashboards

Dashboard widgets provide quick access to commond data and tasks. See live thumbnail views of maps which indicate current seat status, reservable workstation and room availability and more. Customize with 20+ widgets and a separate administrative dashboard space.

Reports & Analytics

Dozens of drill-Down capable reports and analytics are available with Maptician.
Search and drill-down into data and records for your entire space portfolio in real-time.
Explore time-series and KPI metrics with Maptician's interactive analytics dashboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

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