Maptician helps you get hybrid right--for your professionals and your bottom line.

The vast majority of advisory and financial services organizations are embracing hybrid operations and rapidly evolving the model--from flexible seating to 100% hoteling—until they get it right.

Not only does this mean optimizing space and seating allocations, but just as important, ensuring your professionals have a seamless experience with hybrid and are empowered to connect and collaborate when they are in the office is paramount—all while optimize space utilization and reducing costs.

Maptician helps you get hybrid right in a single platform—and we make it easy with a simple, user friendly UX and quick implementation.

financial_graphic-169% of financial services companies expect to allow the majority of their staff to work remotely at least one day per week PWC US Remote Work Survey[1]

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Maptician’s Key Features Help You Optimize, Simplify, Connect and Collaborate

Optimize Your Costs with Analytics

Maptician uses a combination of our proprietary map engine, occupant usage data, and supplemental data sources (leases, departments, etc.) to provide exceptional insight and visibility into your space. From capacity trends to cost efficiency, Maptician has it covered.


Simplify Hoteling and Flexible Seating Strategies

We act as trusted advisors to our advisory and financial services clients and help them develop hoteling and flexible seating strategies and seat types. We start by converting existing, static floorplans into dynamic floorplans drawn by our in-house architects to exact spec.

Next, we help you develop a seat strategy by learning about the needs of the firm, office by office, partner by partner.


Empower Professionals to Connect and Collaborate with Presence

Presence enables visibility into professionals’ in-office presence through automated software integration. Presence produces highly accurate location data including specific seat locations within a particular office or whether a co-worker is working remotely. With Presence, professionals make quick decisions that fuel their connection and collaboration goals.


Seamless Integration for Conference Room Signage

The conference room signage integration connects to any internet accessible device, including iPads and Android devices, enabling users to:

  • View live office maps to see whether a conference room is currently in use (red), available (green), book times both in real time and in the future.
  • Find a Room. The Find a Room page allows users to search for existing and available conference room reservation times.
  • View conference/meeting room information including capacity, size, location, Wi-Fi name & password, features, equipment, accessibility and restrictions.
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