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Navigate the Hybrid Workplace with Ease...

Mapping People in Hybrid Work Spaces

Most organizations are implementing hybrid office models for the first time, and even the best initial plans will likely require adjustments. With nearly 15 years of space management experience, including conversations with hundreds of clients about their space management needs, Maptician can help you manage your hybrid office model effectively.

Seating Strategies

One employee per desk is no longer the only seating strategy for the modern workplace. Maptician’s five seat types allow for flexibility when developing your seating strategy and encourage more efficient use of space.

Assignable Office Seating

One employee is assigned to one seat.

Reservable Office Seating

Allow staff to reserve a seat when they intend to come into the physical office space.

Flex Office Spaces

Multiple employees share one seat on a fixed schedule.

Open Spaces

These seats are available on a first come, first serve basis. We fondly refer to these seats as café seats.

Closed Spaces

Seats may be marked as closed to allow for social distancing or cleaning.


Let's Meet at The Office ...Next Friday

Employees typically reserve seats and meeting space based on when other employees will be present in the office. Maptician makes it easy for employees to see when other coworkers will be in the office, find available meeting space, and make seat or room reservations.

Intentional Office Interactions will:

  • Drive in-office decisions
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Incentivize employees to be in office

Backed by Data

Maptician’s data and analytics tools help you make informed decisions about how to best utilize your office space. Our robust reporting provides you with the data needed to upsize, downsize, make seating changes, plan an office remodel, and more.


Simple Floor Plan Edits

Need to make changes to your office space? With Maptician’s Map Editor tool, you can reconfigure your seating layout, add office space, or repurpose existing space. Employees see any changes you make to your office in real-time.