Maptician is the end-to-end solution for law firm hybrid operations.

Maptician enables law firms to make informed decisions about both their people and office space, fostering seamless collaboration among attorneys within a user-friendly interface. With quick implementation and a simple, intuitive UX, Maptician embraces the concept of hybrid operations, recognizing its lasting impact.

Successfully managing space planning and cost from a business perspective is vital, while equally prioritizing the nurturing of firm culture through technology. By empowering attorneys to have intentional time for connection and collaboration in the office, Maptician ensures that their needs are met efficiently and effectively.


Maptician’s Key Features Help You Control, Simplify, Empower, and Assess.

Empower Attorneys to Connect and Collaborate with Presence

Presence is a software-based solution that allows easy monitoring of attorneys' in-office status without requiring any additional hardware or effort from the attorneys themselves. The system provides precise and reliable location data, including specific seat assignments within the office or if an attorney is working remotely.

Control Your Hybrid Space with Scenario Planning

Our unprecedented office space visualization tool is powered by Maptician’s proprietary mapping engine. This tool enables firms to easily create sand-boxed versions of complex seating assignments, furniture layouts, schedules and architecture so firms can optimize their office space and RTO strategies.


Visitor Management

Visitors enjoy a seamless, technology-assisted experience with Maptician Visitor Management. Refined and user-friendly, Maptician Visitor Management ensures a world class experience reinforcing world class brands.

With Maptician Visitor Management, not only are visitors greeted with an exceptional, technology-powered experience, but Visitor Management increases the efficiency of internal teams and colleagues.

Simplify Hoteling and Flexible Seating Strategies

Because we specialize in law firms, we act as trusted advisors to our law firm clients and help them develop hoteling, flexible seating strategies, and seat types. We start by converting existing, static floorplans into dynamic floorplans drawn by our in-house architects to exact spec.  

Next, we help law firms develop a seat strategy by learning about the needs of the firm, office by office, practice group by practice group, and partner by partner.


World Class Conference Room Management Made Simple

Maptician Conference Room Management encompasses everything law firms require to enable world class, end-to-end conference room management in one simple, cloud-based tool.

  • Reservation Routing. When a conference room reservation requires A/V, IT, cleaning, or catering services for a scheduled meeting, designees are provided direct notice of services required.
  • View live office maps to see whether a conference room is currently in use or available, allowing the ability to book rooms both in real-time and in the future.
  • Find a Room. The Find a Room page allows users to search for existing and available conference room reservation times.
  • View conference room information including: capacity, size, location, Wi-Fi name & password, features, equipment, accessibility and restrictions.
  • Multi-Attendee. With bi-directional calendar sync, users can book rooms internally through the directory or externally through outside contact lists.

Assess Your Efficiency


Maptician uses a combination of our proprietary map engine, occupant usage data, and supplemental data sources (leases, departments, etc.) to provide exceptional insight and visibility into your space.  From capacity trends to cost efficiency, Maptician has it covered.

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