Flexible Seating

With Maptician, employees can quickly and easily reserve a desk or meeting room for their next visit to the office. Interactive maps of your office space show which desks and rooms are available for reservation on any given date and time. Directory search functionality allows employees to search for others to see where they are and reserve a seat next to them, encouraging collaboration. All reservations made in Maptician sync to Outlook, and room reservations made in Outlook also display in Maptician in real-time.


Collaborate with Coworkers

With remote and hybrid work being the new normal, facilitating collaboration between coworkers has never been more important. Maptician encourages collaboration by making it easy for your employees to plan their next office visit based on when other team members will be present in office. Directory functionality enables employees to see when their coworkers will be coming into the office next, and interactive floor plan maps show at which desks their coworkers will be sitting. Employees can then reserve a seat near their team members on the same day and time.


Reserve a Seat or Meeting Room

With Maptician, reserving a desk or meeting room is easy. Interactive maps of your office space show current desk and room reservations in real-time. To reserve space, employees click on the seat or room they wish to reserve. A reservation calendar appears, which employees use to select their desired date and time, confirming their reservation within seconds. A calendar invitation confirming the reservation is then immediately sent to the employee’s email address.

Sync to and from Outlook

Maptician syncs directly with your Outlook calendar. When making a desk or room reservation in Maptician, the system automatically sends an Outlook calendar invite to the employee to confirm the reservation. Meeting room reservations that are made directly in Outlook also sync to Maptician in real-time, ensuring that reservation data is consistent across platforms.


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