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10 Atlanta Startups that Launched or Pivoted to Help During the Pandemic

This workplace management software startup created a platform to help companies return their employees into the office safely from remote work.

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The Algorithm That Could Get You Back in the Office

How open is too open? To help employers reduce outbreak risks after bringing workers back, new tech tools can juggle schedules and map office hot spots.

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KBS Rolls Out New Tech Platform For Returning Office Tenants, Hopes It Will Spur Them To Lease More Space

Amid the slower-than-expected return to work, one major U.S. office landlord is rolling out a new technology platform across its portfolio that it believes will help tenants bring employees back. So far it has done more than that — it has convinced some to expand their leases.

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These Tech Companies Want to Help You Reopen Your Office Safely

Maptician, a three-year-old workspace management software startup based in Alpharetta, Georgia, released its software platform, called Maptician Flex, two weeks ago. The 15-employee company built a similar program pro bono for a homeless shelter in Arlington, Texas--co-founder and COO John Wichmann's sister works for that city's government--before deciding in early April to create a version for businesses.

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2020 Is The Tech Awakening CRE Has Been Waiting For

[KBS] also recently partnered with Maptician, a cloud-based workplace management platform that uses data to help reconfigure office and community spaces to accommodate social distancing, giving tenants the ability to upload their floor plans, identify problem areas, and more easily strategize pandemic-conscious seating and other shared space issues.

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UNK using Maptician to build interactive floor plans in response to COVID-19

“It’s important that our students and staff feel safe as they return to campus,” said Chancellor Doug Kristensen. “We are taking every precaution as we plan our reopening, and Maptician’s technology is an important part of these efforts. Its software gives us the ability to visualize and highlight social distancing proximity risks, determine safe classroom occupancy levels and make necessary adjustments.”

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Article 7

How Atlanta innovators are fueling efforts to return to the office

For instance, determining how many employees an office can safely accommodate. Alpharetta-based Maptician has turned its software that helped companies optimize space prior to the pandemic into a tool to that helps companies manage seating with distancing in mind.

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Alpharetta tech startups innovating during pandemic

This past spring, our incubator graduate Maptician anticipated the complexities of re-opening offices, and it rapidly developed new features for its workplace management platform. Those new features assist companies with bringing their teams back to the office by providing staggered scheduling, contact tracing, and social distancing functions, and by offering automated Covid-19 pre-screening surveys for company employees, contractors, or visitors.

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Article 8

How COVID-19 Is Changing Operations for Class-A Office Owners

KBS recently began a partnership with Maptician, a cloud-based, workplace management platform that utilizes technology and data to reconfigure office and community spaces so that tenants can return to their workplaces in an organized and safety-conscious manner.

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Article 9

GeorgiaALIVE Unveils COVID -19 Resource Exchange

“We built Maptician to help businesses manage their office space, yet we quickly realized that our software could help shelters optimize their space to allow them to serve as many people as possible, while still meeting social distancing guidelines,” shares Nick Eurek, president and co-founder of Maptician. “We, along with GeorgiaALIVE and the other companies listed in the Exchange, hope to make a tangible difference in the fight against COVID-19.”

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