Employee Engagement

An effective office encourages employees to collaborate, utilize its resources productively, and establish a positive company culture. Maptician's Employee Engagement tools facilitate these objectives to let you get the most out of your investment in office space.

Access for All Employees

Maptician includes user licenses for all employees to have access to our mobile and desktop applications. Maptician's goal is to help employees engage with each other and their offices, leading to a more positive culture and happier employees.

Employee-Focused Mobile App

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Find and reserve seats and conference rooms, manage existing reservations and add event reminders to your Outlook or Google calendar.

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Access a full employee directory with contact and seat information, customizable tags, and more.


Mobile Map Navigation

View fully interactive maps for any office right on your phone. Search for people, rooms, and points of interest.

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Office bulletins feature upcoming events, new hires, and collect RSVPs for in-office events.



Browse and modify your upcoming reservations.


Office Search

Find rooms, seats, and points of interest across any office by name or by features.


Maptician's bulletin feature allows for location-based interoffice messaging and event registration. Add new hire announcements, training opportunities, lunch schedules, and general messaging, for all to see at the appropriate time. 

Commenting on bulletin events, as well as RSVP functionality makes this Employee Experience feature a key consideration. 

Bulletins Section
Co-workers Section

Coworker Information

Social media links, personality profiles, photos, pronouns, and more, encourage employee collaboration and discovery. New, tenured, or traveling employees can rest assured they know a few things about their new colleagues. 

Adding notes, categorizing groups of people, and setting reminders, are all life-savers as we return to the office and get to know each other again! 

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