Discover a simplified way to price, plan, and optimize your office with Maptician.


What's included?

Streamline your workplace management, office scheduling, space planning, and presence monitoring with Maptician.

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Integration with your existing system

Effortlessly integrate Maptician into your system for streamlined workflows and enhanced workplace management.


Expert support

Rely on Maptician's expert support for unrivaled assistance, available 24/7 with our online help center.

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Reliable system

Experience peace of mind with Maptician's reliable cloud systems, ensuring smooth operations for your workplace management.


Maptician Presence

Presence is Maptician's signature product to know if employees are working from the office, remotely or taking a leave from work.


Maptician Map Engine

Access to the best-of-its-class mapping software directly integrated to the rest of your hybrid workflow.


Custom reporting and analytics

50+ reports and analytics directly under your palms and ability to develop custom reports as your company's need.

What our customers say

"Maptician has been a real game changer for our office. It makes reserving an office so simple and efficient. The office staff no longer has to worry about double booking an office or finding a free office for unexpected guests/employees. I know it will definitely come in handy when our big trials start."

"Everyone at Maptician was responsive, flexible with schedules to make sure it worked for us, and always followed through with any action in a timely manner."

"I am excited about the rollout of this great, new program and believe it will enable us to further elevate the level of customer service internally to attorneys and staff as well as providing key information to outside guests."

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