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Client Success: Am Law 50 Firm Rolls Out Maptician

Am Law 50 Firm Rolls Out Maptician | Client Success

This Am Law 50 firm has over 1,700 attorneys and 29 U.S. offices. The firm’s IT Senior Project Manager, oversees many of the firm’s application-based projects, including the recent testing, configuration and roll out of Maptician to all of the firm’s 35 U.S. offices.

Maptician was selected by the firm’s return-to-office committee (RTO) to help manage the new, hybrid office environment as well as to provide the firm’s attorneys a way to efficiently optimize their hybrid schedules by supporting in-office collaboration and networking goals.

Maptician’s presence module enables attorneys and staff to see at a glance who is in the office and at what desk, as well as who will be in the office and at what desk in the future. Attorneys and professionals adjust in-office work behaviors based on this data to promote the collegiality, collaboration and networking sought after in their in-office time.

At the same time, Maptician provides unrivaled mapping technology, supporting all of the firm’s locations in one platform. Previous to Maptician, the firm’s floor plans were not standardized from office to office, including non-standardized visuals, floor plan details, and navigation. Some of the offices did not have technology in place and were handwriting their maps. This is simply not tenable in a hybrid environment.

The firm’s IT Senior Project Manager comments: “The standardization of the UX and UI of the maps with Maptician has been a huge success at the firm. The maps are extremely easy to use with a very intuitive UI now, are consistent from office to office, extremely well-drawn, to scale, and with a phenomenal level of detail. With just one click, our attorneys can quickly search for people and find their exact location in any office. In this way, if attorney A wants to have lunch or meet with attorney B, this information is now accessible right at their fingertips. It’s simple, intuitive and powerful.”

Additionally, Maptician’s mapping engine empowers the firm to take control of the maps and plan out various scenarios of the floor maps to optimize its people ad space.

As far as working with Maptician, firm leadership concludes: “Maptician puts the power in the user’s hands, and that’s exactly what is needed in the hybrid model moving forward. On top of this, Maptician is simply a wonderful technology partner that does all of the things a great partner should do: they are great listeners, take an active interest in our business needs, and always create a plan that meets our objective. The technology has been a big success at the firm and we are just getting started. We are looking to roll out even more features in the coming months. We recommend Maptician and their team highly.”

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