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Brightree & Maptician | Eliminating Spreadsheets in the Occupancy Management Process


Brightree is a digital healthcare technology company focused on helping post-acute care providers operate more efficiently and deliver more personalized care experience. Headquarted in Atlanta, Georgia with offices around the U.S. and Scotland, the company has over eight hundred employees across 7 office locations.


Liz Brown, Brightree’s Vice President of Customer Success, championed the implementation of Maptician to streamline and manage occupancy for their employees across multiple locations. The Covid-19 pandemic created additional issues around in-office seating while ensuring safe distancing.



After a quick and efficient implementation process, Brightree rolled out Maptician to staff with both mobile and desktop access for ease and flexibility of use. 


Hot desking and hoteling are just two seating options Brightree uses to track where employees are sitting on what day and ensure everyone has a clean, sanitized workspace whenever they’re in the office. The organization also uses Maptician for contact tracing to ensure employee health and safety is a top priority. 


Post-pandemic, Brightree continues to utilize Maptician’s seat optimization capabilities and detailed, real-time floor plans to map out a variety of seating scenarios. All of which allow for social distancing to optimize employee health and wellbeing as they returned to the office. 


“We are thrilled with our choice of Maptician. In fact, I’m regularly mentioning the Maptician solution to other businesses struggling with similar issues, including seat capacity planning, real-time employee status and office space efficiency. With the technology at our fingertips, we can now better manage our employees and space to keep everyone safe and healthy.”


  • Liz Brown, Vice President, Customer Success; Brightree


As a result, Brightree has seen immediate benefits with Maptician, including the ability to easily manage occupancy online. Brown was thrilled that Maptician enabled her to eliminate the spreadsheets she was previously using to manage occupancy. All employee scheduling is easily accessible online and updates are reflected in real-time. 



About Brightree

Brightree enables out-of-hospital care organizations to improve their business performance and deliver better health outcomes. As an industry-leading, cloud-based healthcare technology company, Brightree provides solutions and services for thousands of companies. These include in home medical equipment and pharmacy, orthotic and prosthetic, and home infusion providers. Brightree is a wholly owned subsidiary of ResMed (NYSE: RMD, ASX: RMD). To learn more, visit and follow @Brightree on Twitter.

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