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Client Success: Complex Hybrid Strategy is Simplified at This 250 Attorney Firm

Complex Hybrid Strategy is Simplified at This 250 Attorney Firm | Client Success

This 250-attorney firm with approximately 22 offices across the north and southeast U.S is in a growth period. The firm is continually adding new attorneys and offices while also managing ongoing construction projects. On top of this, the firm manages a hybrid operation model with attorneys and staff coming into the office between 1 and 4 days a week.

Because of the firm’s growth and flexible work model, offices were continuously changing work arrangements, including where people were sitting within the office, even each individual office floorplan regularly. Office managers, however, were challenged to keep up and would need to physically walk the office to record current layouts and attendance, which was clearly inefficient without a technology solution. The firm sought a way to better manage its hybrid workforce and changing floor plans and found Maptician.

The firm’s Facilities Coordinator comments: “We selected Maptician to gain control over our space planning and visibility over our hybrid workforce. It is incredibly quick, efficient, and easy to use. Our office managers are able to see at a glance who is in the office today or even the future. With scenario planning, we update our space plans frequently and even shift individual furniture items around the office to optimize our space and seating strategies. We quickly gain visibility into availability and can strategize what growth we are able to accommodate. We highly recommend Maptician and look forward to using the tool more in the future.”

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