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Client Success: Maptician Enables Hoteling and Long-Term Hybrid Strategy for Rapidly Expanding Medical Staffing Provider, Fusion

Fusion is planning to move to a larger building that can accommodate more of its staff, but the company will be keeping its hybrid environment—and Maptician.


Fusion Medical Staffing (“Fusion”) provides career opportunities to healthcare professionals by helping medical facilities fill their staffing needs across a variety of specialties within the nursing and allied healthcare fields. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Fusion occupies an entire building for its main office and serves approximately 750 internal staff and approximately 5,200 travelers, how the company refers to its traveling talent. Melanie Barger has been Fusion’s Office Manager for over 8 years and manages a staff of 7.


As a medical staffing company, Fusion experienced accelerated growth during the pandemic. At the onset of the pandemic, Fusion had one available desk and approximately 425 internal staff in their HQ building that can serve up to 426 permanent desks including offices. When the pandemic hit, like other companies, Fusion sent their staff home and equipped each professional with a home office outfit and laptop, a benefit Fusion has since kept even post-pandemic. From there, the company almost doubled in size to 750 internal staff—and then, in March of 2021, Fusion began its return-to-office (RTO) strategy.

Melanie comments: “While there was an initial pause, we quickly started growing at an exponential rate, at this time and we were just trying to keep up with demand. Before we knew it, we had over 300 new employees and when it came time for RTO, we knew very quickly we did not have a desk for each person. At the same time, the staff came to enjoy working from home and had proven their efficiency and productivity from home offices. And so, the question quickly came: How do we manage this?”


Fusion leadership sought a technology solution to help the company with a hoteling strategy that would help create an optimal hybrid office environment. In this way, the company could support the staff’s preference for flexible in-office capabilities while also optimizing its current seating capacity with a mix of permanent seating and hotel desks. After a competitive search where Fusion tested several of the market’s leading competitors, Fusion selected Maptician.

After a smoothly executed implementation, the Maptician team conducted a combination of in-person and webinar-based employee trainings, fully training the entire Fusion staff in 6 groups of 20-minute sessions. To create a memorable impact and significantly enhance awareness of the tool as well as adoption, Maptician delivered the sessions armed with swag, snacks, and tips and tricks.

Melanie comments: “The roll out went very well. Maptician is simple to use and very organized. With Maptician, I can easily search for someone or even a department and it tells me where they are exactly on the map. Maptician also helps new employees and senior employees easily find specific locations in the building, including departments, conference rooms or other amenities, and this has been extremely well-received by the staff.”


Fusion is planning to move to a larger building that can accommodate more of its staff, but the company will be keeping its hybrid environment—and Maptician.

Melanie comments: “We will be expanding to five floors versus two floors, and Maptician is simply necessary to how we understand and manage our space now. It helps us understand space limitations as well as growth opportunities. We can run reports that indicate how many people we have in the office on average in a month, in a quarter and so on. And if we're running out of space, that tells us how many people we have in the office at a time. It’s incredibly useful.”

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