Case Study


LeasePlan Case Study

Switching to a Hybrid Model

Prior to the pandemic, 99% of LeasePlan’s employees were working exclusively from a physical office location. During the pandemic, the company switched to a fully remote work model. Once pandemic related restrictions began to lift, it was important to the company to continue to provide flexibility to employees by giving them the option to stay fully remote or come into the office on an as needed basis.

The company began searching for a tool that would help them manage the switch to a hybrid office model. Romier Owens, IT Operations Analyst at LeasePlan, researched several software solutions and found Maptician to be the best solution to meet the company’s needs. 

The Solution

LeasePlan has since rolled out Maptician to 600 employees at two, US-based office locations. Employees now use the software to quickly and easily make seat reservations from their computer or mobile device, ensuring that the company knows when employees will be in the office and where they will be seated.

According to Owens, rollout of the software to staff was an easy process, and feedback from employees has been positive. He also appreciated how supportive the Maptician implementation team was during the initial setup and rollout of the software.

“The implementation team was very hands on. They helped us identify requirements, set up the system and trained our stakeholders,” he said. “It was very collaborative.”

Owens has also found the digital office maps that Maptician provides to be a useful guide for employees unfamiliar with the office layout. New employees or those working remotely who may be visiting the office for the first time can consult the floor plans in Maptician to see where seats and conference rooms are located. 

“It’s helpful for people who have never been to the building to have that digital layout to help them get around,” Owens said.

Flexibility With Maptician

With the use of Maptician, LeasePlan was able to successfully bring employees back into the office while still providing the flexibility of remote work to employees. 

“The system has given us the ability to take on this new way of working and be a flexible workspace,” Owens said. “If a tool like Maptician didn’t exist it would be pretty tough to manage this type of (hybrid) environment.”



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