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Case Studies

Maptician at Work

With remote and hybrid work the new normal, organizations need a better way to manage their office seating strategy. Maptician is the leading cloud-based space and occupancy management software that helps organizations effectively manage their hybrid seating model.


| December 14, 2021

Challenge Brightree is a digital healthcare technology company focused on helping post-acute care providers operate more efficiently and deliver more..

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| December 14, 2021

Switching to a Hybrid Model Prior to the pandemic, 99% of LeasePlan’s employees were working exclusively from a physical office location. During the..

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Nelnet, Inc.

| December 8, 2021

The Challenge  During the start of the pandemic, 6,500 Nelnet employees went from working in an office to fully remote work within the span of one..

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Seat & Room Reservations Made Easy

Maptician makes navigating a hybrid workplace easier. Employees can quickly see which seats and rooms are available within your office and easily make reservations from their computer or mobile device. Your digital office maps and online office directory make it easy for employees to see where their coworkers will be sitting on any given day.