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Client Success: Maptician Enables Hybrid for Am Law 200 Firm’s Denver Office in Three Weeks

Maptician successfully rolled out the Denver office on the firm’s original 3-week timeline on time and on budget.


This Am Law 200 firm has 400 attorneys practicing in 14 offices nationwide. Like many firms, the firm was challenged to respond to changes in the workforce and preferences for working from home. To that end, the firm made a strategic, forward-thinking decision to embrace hoteling firmwide - within the next few years. In August of 2022, the firm was not actively looking for a software that would enable that hoteling environment as firm leadership had selected what was initially deemed sufficient to rollout the initial hoteling strategy in the Denver location.


The firm’s CIO was the project lead, and prior to August 2022, they were satisfied with the software selection. However, upon piloting the software at the firm, they had determined the software to have inadequate ease of use and scalability to support the firm’s ultimate strategic objectives to rollout hoteling firmwide, not just the Denver office.


In mid-August, the firm’s CIO met with the Maptician team at an ILTACON demonstration of the Maptician platform. Based on Maptician’s feature set, UX, ease of use, and scalability, they sought to swiftly replace the previously selected software with Maptician—with one caveat: Maptician was tasked to still meet the firm’s deadline of post-Labor Day, a mere 3 weeks away. Given Maptician’s expertise with law firms like this Am Law 200 firm, Maptician committed to the 3-week deadline–and successfully delivered, an incredible accomplishment not only of superior project management but the project also incurred no additional fees and was delivered on budget.

Three weeks is a very tight implementation timeline, but Maptician hit the ground running. First, Maptician received the firm’s floor plans. Maptician’s developers ingest any floor plan file format, but typically firms deliver files in DWG CAD files, PDFs, Visio, and sometimes PowerPoint. Maptician has full-time architects on staff who are led by one lead architect. The architectural team—which averages drawing approximately 200,000 square feet of architecturally correct drawings per week--drew the firm’s Denver office floor plans by hand into the Maptician platform in one day, and at the same time, increased their average rate of square footage drawn that week by nearly 60% to a whopping 335,000 square feet.

Simultaneously, Maptician engineers set up the cloud environment. The cloud environment is a subdomain-separated environment and includes location information, company size information, initial users. This was accomplished in mere minutes at which time the team could migrate the firm’s floor plans to that environment.

Then, it was a matter of training and rolling out the platform to the end users. Maptician trainers were able to train the firm office enders in two sessions of 10 minutes each. The UX is that intuitive and simple to use.


Maptician successfully rolled out the Denver office on the firm’s original 3-week timeline on time and on budget and are in the process of provisioning all 13 of the firm’s other offices to the Maptician environment, having already completed: Boulder, Chicago, Dallas, Jefferson City, Kansas City, and St. Louis. The journey began with 40 users in Denver and will grow to 554 users in 60 days.

Because Maptician was able to deliver, the firm’s CIO was able to not only bring a robust and successful hoteling model to the firm very quickly, but a model that will grow as the firm grows, one that is scalable, and one that end users enjoy its ease of use.

The firm’s CIO comments: “Maptician has proved to be an integral partner in our hybrid workplace efforts with an excellent team and product. The solution demonstrates a seamless deployment with ease for both users and administrators bringing confidence for the expansion of use in numerous offices. We look forward to continuing our work with the Maptician team and the product development going forward.”

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