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Client Success: Maptician Helps Am Law 200 Firm Implement Hoteling

Maptician Helps Am Law 200 Firm Implement Hoteling | Client Success

This Am Law 200 firm has 475 attorneys and 10 U.S. domestic offices. Following the pandemic, leadership recognized an opportunity for the firm to re-think operations to accommodate flexible work schedules and downsize real estate.

As a result, the firm is downsizing one of their offices and currently renovating two floors in preparation for subleasing the third. When completed, the office will intentionally not have enough seats for 100% of the firm’s attorneys to be in the office at the same time and the firm will implement a hoteling strategy.

The firm’s hoteling strategy will include an array of options assigned offices, reservable seating, and an open bull pit that is a dedicated room with individual connections that can be reserved per chair. To power the planning for the downsizing, renovation and move to two floors as well as the office’s future hoteling strategy, the firm selected Maptician.

The firm comments: “We made the decision to implement Maptician to power our space planning and hoteling strategies. It’s an incredibly easy tool to use that has very powerful mapping features that enable us to evolve our strategy quickly and cleanly. Some of the other systems we reviewed made the process very cumbersome on the user. We really liked Maptician because it was just very, very clean.”

With Maptician, the firm can leverage the tool’s scenario planning features to create and compare different floor plan options, toggle between different scenarios and map layers to find the best layout and implement with ease optimized scenario plans as the main floor plan. Scenario Planning provides the firm a great deal of flexibility to create and roll out updates to the floor plan quickly and easily.

Maptician also makes hoteling simple. Interactive maps of office space show which desks and rooms are available for reservation on any given date and time. Directory search functionality allows attorneys to search for others to see where they are and reserve a seat next to them, encouraging collaboration, and all reservations made in Maptician sync to Outlook, and room reservations made in Outlook also display in Maptician in real-time.

The firm concludes: “Maptician is a great technology partner. We love the ease of use of the platform where our attorneys also find it easy and accessible to them. We’re looking forward to growing our hybrid strategy with Maptician.”

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